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  • Wax for Candle making, Coconut 83 coconut blend wax in bulk
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Fleur De Spa

Coconut 83 Candle Making Wax - All Natural/Made In USA 6lbs - Crafting & Candles

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Coconut 83 is an all natural candle wax.
It has amazing hot and cold throw.
The color is a pure white and will excellent color retention, adhesion to the jar, and is very clean burning.
It has a smooth surface and burns cooler giving it a longer burn time.
Box of 6 - 1lbs bars of individually packaged candle wax (6lbs of wax per box) Coconut 83 has a melt point of 126F degrees Coconut 83 has pour temperature of 190F - 205F degrees
This candle wax is made in the USA!
Coconut 83 is a wax that is truly natural and it DOES NOT contain paraffin.
This wax is predominately Coconut wax, with a minimum amount of soy and palm wax otherwise the wax would not burn.

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