California Express (Speed Wax Blend)

California Express (Speed Wax Blend)



California Express depilatory wax (speed wax blend) from Fleur De Spa is an all natural soft depilatory wax that is infused with a unique blend of oils  (Acai, Jojoba, Coconut, and Aloe) that alleviate the redness,  bumping and pain associated with hair removal.  This wax can be used on all skin types and is formulated for large areas of the body (legs, arms, chest, back).  It is designed with a low melt point for a thinner consistency and faster coverage. The 14 oz can is standard size for most wax warmers. It is designed to be used with waxing strips or muslin. Our wax leaves the skin smooth, hair free and moisturized. All our waxes are designed and tested  with the help of professional Estheticians.  Made in the USA.

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